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Search Engine Marketing People is a multilingual Digital Marketing Agency based in Montevideo, Uruguay. We deliver first-world Search Marketing at emerging market rates.

Our team of experienced, multilingual (native English, Portuguese & Spanish speakers) Search Engine Optimisation experts inform innovative and highly effective Digital Marketing and PR strategies to grow brand awareness, revenue/lead generation and improve customer retention.

Why Choose Us?

Expert multilingual digital marketing & PR…

It is not easy to stay informed when Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving discipline and art form. When businesses take their ideas, products or services to an international market, logistics, language barriers and cultural differences are additional factors that may increase risk of failure. Reduce costs and risk associated with localising Digital Marketing in Latin America by engaging Search Engine Marketing People. We are consummate professionals, plugged-in to the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques and algorithm changes to help you adapt for success. We build professional relationships based on transparency, mutual trust and integrity.


Research led digital marketing that works…

Search Engine Marketing People is a sleeve’s rolled up Digital Marketing research team ‘waging a relentless war against the Search Engines’. Our clients benefit from methodology over method.  Our Search Marketing is supported by tireless research and adaptation of Digital Marketing strategies that work. We avoid “same ole” Search Engine Optimization packages and robotic content syndication. We focus time and energy developing innovative and bespoke 360-degree Digital Marketing campaigns that are research-led and audience focused. Constructing websites, blogs and applications that our clients control to build targeted traffic and audience is a core service principal.

Our Values

First-world multilingual digital marketing services at emerging markets rates.

Digital Consultancy

Our approach to shaping digital marketing strategies begins with an AUDIT to INNOVATE report focussed on breaking Google dependency, research & innovation.

24/7 Support

Our bespoke digital marketing service is fully supported 24/7  by highly personalised customer services that make us somewhat unique and available in your time zone.

Adapt to Succeed

We continually research and adapt to keep pace with the frightening speed that Search Engines evolve to deliver high quality and pertinent search results to search users.

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