28 Oct
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12 Oct

Search Marketing Success – Deliver Ali Knock-out Content

Our tried and tested views on Search Marketing Strategy work.

Our business is about training and representing winners. Every word written for your target audience must deliver the Ali-knockout-punch.

The kind of Search Marketing that builds your reputation and win fans (social signals), and not least, boosts your Search Engine Rankings needs hard graft and patience – there is no cutting corners if you want to be a champion.

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09 Oct
07 Oct
05 Oct

SEO: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

Search Engines created an online world where rubbishy content for overly technical weightings created badly written, sometimes nonsensical, keyword stuffed content.

SEO in the early days was an art of subterfuge and word-trickery that crammed keywords and key phrases on a page, with glaring repetitions, hidden tags and words invisible to the naked eye.

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04 Oct

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