28 Oct

BEST Conversion-to-Customer Route is NOT Social Media

Find out why the BEST Conversion-to-Customer Route is NOT Social Media.

If you are new to Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing, it might be news to you that Social Media traffic has its merits, but there is a better conversion-to-customer route.

Find out why the BEST Conversion-to-Customer Route is NOT Social Media.


To recap on our thinking from earlier articles:


  • 360-degree Search Marketing Strategies achieve best online visibility, ‘’Leave no stone unturned’’’, that is our motto.

  • Countering total Google dependence

  • We have trumpeted the old adage, ‘’there is no place like home’’. Fill your own web pages with quality content to engage your target audience with authority.

  • We berated Search Marketers for risking everything on one endeavor, ‘’avoid putting all your eggs in one basket’’, be it Google, Social Media or any third party website you do not control –  it is a fool’s errand.

  • Contrary to ”expert opinion”  we have told search marketers to find lateral businesses to promote your value added service, product or ideas with high-quality informational pages (advertorial) and one back-link.

  • We have told new search marketers and SEO Copywriters to write for their target audience and not search engines.

  • Do not be pushed into knee-jerk reactions to Google’s algorithm changes – take your time – Google is sometimes on the rebound and the recent Hummingbird Update makes us right.

It is our experience that Search Media Marketing (SMM) can help grow website traffic and thus revenue, but more so as a direct consequence of Social Signals improving Search Engine Rankings.


We are not saying that SSM is not a conversion-to-customer route because it can be. Albeit, think of Social Media as a longer-term-game to attract and build a targeted audience that helps you improve your Search Engine Rankings.


Improved rankings increase Search Traffic that helps grow an even larger audience in a targeted manner.

Search –v- Social Media Traffic Average Order Value (AOV)

There is no competition when we compare Average Order Value (AOV) – Search Traffic versus Social Media Traffic – search marketers should expect over 30-40% more revenue from Search.


Our own experience using paid-for-social-media-advertising and marketing was less convincing in some sectors and surprisingly effective in others. However, our experience taught us that Social Media Advertising and marketing success AOV depends more on product or service type, and we strongly suggest good research or talking to an expert before squandering your hard earned cash.


Why does Search Marketing deliver more revenue than Social Media Marketing?


Simply, there is a difference in attitude between people searching online for a service, products or information and those interacting socially online.


A higher percentage of people using Search Engines are searching for something specific.  That makes Search Engine Users more valuable and more likely motivated buyers.


Many moons ago in a previous career and long before consumers were spending over 1 trillion dollars online, an old boss would never allow us to spend our advertising budget on anything other than Yellow Pages, ‘’they are buyers Andrew, they pick up that book to buy, that’s good advertising’’.

‘’they are buyers, they pick up that book to buy an that’s good advertising’’.


I think that analogy is appropriate when comparing Search Marketing with Social Media Marketing.


Think of it like this:


  • I am socializing online. My mind is attuned to social interaction.

  • I am searching for the best SEO Firm. My search is specific and I have intent. I am more likely a motivated buyer.


Clients often state Search Traffic does not seem as ‘’sexy’ or important as it was yesteryear, or they might get that impression from reading Search Engine Marketing articles.


At Search Engine Marketing People we have a mantra, ‘’counter Google dependence’’ but anyone in this business who tells their clients to forget Google, the most dominant force in search, or forget Search Traffic in favour of Social Media Marketing has their wires crossed.


If you look at the myriad of online information and tiresome spam emails from peddlers of ‘’social signals’’ you might be misled by their get-rich-quick-baloney that often intimates that Social Media Marketing has replaced Search Marketing.


Of course, not everyone using Search Engines is a motivated buyer. However, if they are looking for something, there is a good chance that they might want to buy what you have to sell either now or later.


Even if Search Engine Users reach your website and are not motivated to make an immediate purchase, they may bookmark your website for later reference or better still, they may join your email list or Social Network if your website content is engaging and most of all – YOU ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR RANKS!  Never forget a call to action.


You have but one chance to get that all-important click from Search Users, so ensure you write catchy headlines and content that potential clients will value with a like, link or share.

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