09 Oct

Build Your Website’s Authority

Core disciplines that build your website's authority

Today, Search Marketing and Content Marketing are the modern SEO.

Authority: An accepted source of expert information or advice

‘’Use social media and content marketing to communicate your expertise effectively and authoritatively to build trust and cultivate new customer networks.’’ 


Search Engine Marketing People want you to succeed, like ‘ole blues eyes’, we want you to be chairman of the board.


Search Marketers must create compelling and authoritative content to build networks of followers (targeted audience) that like, link and share their ideas (Social Engagement/Signals).


Cultivating online networks that value your message enough to actively promote and recommend your content (engagement) is what creates Social Signals.


Social signals help to build trust, reputation and not least authority that we believe Google’s algorithm measures.


What a wonderful opportunity!  Experts can share their years of experience and/or get creative to grow an audience. Google will reward your work/ideas with higher search engine rankings that helps you build targeted organic traffic!


However, our goal is to recognise Google’s dominance and importance but also wean our clients off total Google dependence.  We strongly believe that no business should dominate our business.


At Search Engine Marketing People (SEMP) your business becomes our business – we advise a win-win strategy to our clients.

The problem with Google

‘’I offer you high-street window space that benefits from 500,000 passing footfalls daily. I have the only high-street window space in your town. You may sell whatever you like.  I am going to give you strict criteria that will govern how you represent your business in my window.  One of my clauses states that I can change our agreement at any time or demote your space to favour another vendor. Whenever I choose, without notice, you must alter your business practices to suit me or you may never appear in my window again.  My contract is in no way restrictive, you can leave without notice when you like.’’

Freck you very much!

Any takers – maybe you would be better finding a new town for your business!


It is crazy to put your future business success in only one basket, but many of our new clients are totally Google dependent and that has to be the worst business decision ever.


In addition, others are social media junkies on a gravy train that will inevitably be expensive because social media now has shareholders.


Google’s recent algorithm updates seemingly value trust and authority (engagement and social signals).  Marketers are pushed and shoved to build prospect networks across a wide range of their own websites, social networks and applications.  And, that’s no bad thing.


However, put more time and effort into the websites and applications you control – all roads should lead back to Rome.


Anyone can sing a song. There are lots of good singers who never find stardom.  Nobody communicated with an audience like ”ole blue eyes”.


Search Engine Marketing People strive to make you Chairman of the Board.


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‘’Use social media and content marketing to communicate your expertise effectively and authoritatively to build trust and cultivate new customer networks.’’

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