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Get your REP right on the Internet!

Online Reputation Management

Get your Rep right on the Internet…

Try searching your name or your company’s name using the major Search Engines – the Search Engine Results may surprise you.


Most Search Engines will return content you have seen before – possibly a website, blog and hopefully positive articles written about you or your company.  There may also be social media pages, blogs and reviews written by third parties.


It is very important that you review Search Engine Results Pages for search terms that relate directly to you or your company at the major Search Engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo at least monthly.


You may find inaccurate or even malicious information on the Internet that can damage your online reputation and hurt you fiscally – what do you do?


Unfortunately, consumers post negative content more often than endorsements – why – It is just human nature.  The Internet is crammed with innocent factual errors and even malicious attacks on companies and individuals.


Negative content is a threat to your online reputation and/or livelihood. There is little recourse, since responding to negative content simply attracts more attention.


So what can Search Engine Marketing People do about negative content that is hurting you, your family, your career or your business?

We can most certainly assist you, to get your Rep right on the Internet…

Track your online reputation

Our team track keywords that are relevant to you or your business daily, weekly or monthly reporting on new listings that are positive or negative reputation builders.

Identify the origin of negative online content

We review all negative content to track and identify authors, test the accuracy, fairness, balance and the ramifications of negative content with our clients.  Search Engine Marketing People has a sister company that physically investigates a wide range of issues for businesses and private people.

Online Reputation Management

Most negative content falls into two categories:


  • Honest, well-founded criticisms and complaints


  • Misleading, inaccurate and malicious content


Never or very rarely do we respond to negative content. To do so gives an offending article, blog or posting  ‘’life’’ and increases clicks to make it seem popular and thus improves its Search Engine Rankings.


If you find an article you do not like, do NOT go back to read it again and again. PLEASE forget annoying yourself and going back over negative content just in case you missed something or wish to read the comments.


Do not bookmark it or send out the link to peers and advisers for an opinion – YOU WILL  make it popular!

Proactive response to inaccurate, misleading and malicious content

  • We engage website and blog owners positively to modify or remove the offending content.  We sometimes battle, but more often than not we trade and use commerce to meet our aims.


  • We write quality legal letters to website owners and content writers requesting modification or removal of offending articles citing specific legal reasons.


  • We generate stronger legal letters, complaints to industry watchdogs, lawyer’s letters and obtain Court Orders for the removal of misinformation.


  • We analyse jurisdictional laws and raise police complaints where a criminal complaint is appropriate or the best way to remove malicious content from the Internet.


  • When our clients come under malicious attack or suffer smear campaigns from unidentified authors and indeed their competition, our team will identify the perpetrators and deliver a suitable response.


Search Engine Marketing People ensure that search engine results pages reflect the true nature of our clients’ businesses or ideas.


Search Engines weight favourably websites that publish fresh, compelling and authoritative content that people bookmark, like and share.  Search Users are hungry for knowledge and seek expert information/opinion they can trust.


Search Engine Marketing People is a dedicated multilingual (native English, Portuguese & Spanish) search marketing and technical outsource team that help clients develop Content Marketing Strategies that work.


Our clients achieve greater brand recognition, revenue/lead generation and improve customer retention. We formulate dynamic digital marketing strategies and help our clients create compelling content to engage their target audience authoritatively.


Our clients benefit from first-world technical skills, effective and innovative services at emerging markets rates.

Take command of your online reputation today...get your Rep right on the Internet...

Search Engine Marketing People, innovative reputation & legacy defence strategies.

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

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