15 Nov

HELP! My online content does not convert to customers!!

Search Engine Marketing People receive many emails from new SEO-copywriters that share a similar theme:

HELP! My online content does not convert to customers!!

Writing compelling content that people like, link and share is tricky. Inspiring users to buy services, products and ideas online requires targeted traffic, well-crafted web pages with excellent content and something to buy/a call to action.


If you do not ask, you do not get!

Great Search Engine Optimization Writing Tips that help convert search and social traffic into customers:

•             SEDUCTION – make your target audience WANT you

•             SIMPLICITY – confused minds will not BUY you

•             SEXY – make your audience STAY with you

•             SURENESS– make your audience TRUST you

•             SOLICIT– if you don’t ASK you won’t get

HELP! My online content STILL does not convert to customers!!

Firstly, ‘’Rome was not built in a day’’.  Great content, patient and persistent publishing online WILL eventually convert to customers. Unlike ancient Rome, your fresh, engaging and authoritative content will remain online and not burn – but remember that!


It is disheartening when creativity and compelling Search Engine Optimization Writing does not convert to customers -BUT- do not despair or be dissuaded. Keep going.  Build your story to build strong prospect relationships.

What the…. is a prospect relationship?

Prospect relationships – what does that mean?  There are many business people out there putting their hearts and souls into SEO to build online businesses.


A large percentage of Search Engine Marketing People’s audience need quality SEO and Search Marketing Services, but neither want nor buy our services NOW.


When building prospect relationships, like us, your goal is to grow a targeted audience and turn their NEED into WANT.

Prospect for gold!

In any target audience, it makes sense there is both latent and later business – so patience is a virtue. All businesses are different, but the answer to Search Traffic and Social Media Traffic, and  customer conversion is the same for most Internet Businesses:


Write compelling copy that people value and trust.


If your business does not achieve the results you desire and you need help remember: All that glitters is not gold!  Every day, many spam SEO offers reach our email accounts. They are always the same – ‘’Get the best, the quickest and the cheapest SEO services’’.


Most cheap – best – quick –  SEO packages lack one essential ingredient.  They fail to deliver engaging and authoritative content that your target audience will promote with Likes, Follows and Shares.


Search Engine Optimization is neither rocket science nor enough. Technical SEO, believe it or not, is the easy part of the Digital Marketing conundrum.


A Tip when Buying SEO services


Ask the multitude of cheap, best and quick SEO firms to send links to their most recent online work. Most content and articles crafted by SEO spammers are poor.  If their content were strong, compelling, engaging and authoritative, you would be reading their published articles rather than their VERY annoying spam emails.


We control a number of online businesses and always ask SEO’s for links to current work.  Tellingly, most do not bother sending links and those that do mostly fail to represent their clients with fresh, engaging and authoritative content.


It is better to have one good article written by professionals that helps to build targeted audience than pay a monthly fee for SEO that fails.

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  • Simply ask yourself  before you instruct SEO – is this how I want to represent my business or ideas online?

  • Does this digital marketing agency have what it takes to help me build solid prospect relationships?


Conversely, poor content can damage a business’s online reputation. Do not fall into the trap of thinking Digital Marketing Agencies that create poor quality content will grow an audience that trust and improve Search Engine Rankings.


Online businesses benefit from strong Social Signals – “Likes”, “Follows”, “Circles” and “Shares” – those signals are valued by Search Engines and do not come from bum-articles.  Like Rome, rubbishy content will surely burn your online business.


When you see ‘’immediate success’’ be skeptical.  Building a significant and profitable online web presence does not happen overnight.


Anyone can buy “Likes”, “Follows”, “Circles” and “Shares”.  Like bum-articles, fake-social-media profiles are two-a-penny and obvious to Search Engines.  Our boss makes clients laugh and/or blush when he likens buying social signals to paying for sex!

Remember, BIG-GOOGLE is watching you!

Outsourcing to the wrong SEO firm for a couple of hundred dollars a month might seem like an appealing, cost-effective alternative to SEO’s advocating strong SEO writing skills and can provide examples of engaging and authoritative work.


Make sure you review creative content online and compare apples with apples. Most firms will provide a reasonable technical SEO service.  It is not enough today, Content Marketing is the new SEO.  Remember content is king.  Avoid taking a path signposted ‘’False Economy’’.

Think content first...

Look for SEO and Search Marketing Professionals that are able to help your business turn NEED into WANT.

Ask the right questions...

Avoid peddlers of poor online content who often dupe unknowing businesses into buying Social-Signals  – “Likes”, “Follows”, “Circles”, “Shares” and ‘’Links” from fake social media accounts that may damage prestige and/or ‘’burn’’ your online business over time.


HELP! My online content does not convert to customers!!  Seek out professionals, do not take the false economy route.

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