29 Jan

Innovative ORM – An Online Time Capsule is Your Story…

An Online Time Capsule is your story, much more than just a website or a blog.

Publish your memoirs, capture an important time in life, or simply set the record straight.

Search Engine Marketing People create Online Time Capsules to present and accurately tell your story. Storytelling or publishing a memoir to the Internet is an innovative form of Online Reputation Management (ORM).


We design online strategies to protect clients reputations today and their legacies tomorrow.


Burying a time capsule preserves history and culture. It captures the now for posterity. Our clients create Online Time Capsules that nobody can bury.


Everyone has something important to say. Our lives are important lessons. The Internet provides an exciting medium for budding authors and chroniclers to share their stories.


Our team of expert SEO Copywriters ensure your story reaches the people you seek to influence.


Search Engine Marketing People is an experienced team of SEO Copywriters and technical staff that craft quality online content that accurately and creatively tells your story.


Our clients tend to splurge ideas that a dedicated SEO Copywriter then edits.


Once content is perfected we develop a bespoke Internet publishing strategy. Understanding content and goals are very important. Knowing what you want to say and to who allows us to create a Search & Content Marketing Strategy that grows targeted audience.


Online memoirs are often narrower than autobiographies. They tend to contain short and intimate accounts of people’s lives. Humanity has chronicled lives, careers and pontificated ideas for millennia. The earliest chroniclers were scholars of art, history, nature, religion and science.


During the classical period, autobiographies were ‘’apologia’’, ‘’orations’’ and ‘’confessions’’. Today’s best-selling autobiographies may be somewhat racier than ancient chronicles and modern life is less god-fearing and apologetic, but confession and ‘’setting people straight’’ are often the biographer’s motivation.


More and more clients engage Search Engine Marketing People to help them chronicle an important stage in their lives, like an upcoming marriage, significant anniversary or even retirement.


Many of our clients are not famous, but they all have an important story to tell or a legacy they seek to protect.


An Online Time Capsule can make a point or leave behind a ”digital container” for family, friends and future generations to discover and enjoy.


Funny, racy, romantic, sad or self-critical, or all of those things, an Internet Time Capsule can use images and/or words to tell your story.


If you have letters, images and a lifetime of paraphernalia to protect, digital preservation ensures your legacy survives in an easily retrievable and orderly manner.


You can publish your memoir to the Internet or password-protect online content for a select audience.


In addition, our sister company provides a range of document search, collection, and investigative services to support our online work.

Fully managed and much more than just a website or a blog, an Online Time Capsule is your story.

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