04 Jan

Not backlinks again? I thought SEO was Dead?!

‘SEO is not dead. If you have been reading our Search Marketing Blog you already know!

Building backlinks to your website or blog from high quality, relevant websites will help website owners gain more targeted traffic and improve search engine rankings.

We never stopped smart link building at Search Engine Marketing People.

At Search Engine Marketing People  we have a well-established SEO strategy that works for our many clients.


Our best advice, “Fads are bad, like everything else in life moderation is now an SEO golden rule”.


We never stopped building quality links using tip-top Content Marketing with all roads leading back to your website or blog because whatever Google might theorize, smart link-building is essential for targeted website traffic and conversions.

  • We do not succumb to knee-jerk reactions to Google’s algorithm updates;

  • We are methodical rather than radical, we ”never throw out the baby with the bath water”.


If you are new to SEO, remember that Search Marketing Campaigns that seek to communicate with compelling and authoritative content work best.  Think breadth and quality over quantity.  Take your time.


If you have a business development plan, build in a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising budget for at least a six months and ongoing while you build your business and Search Engine Rankings.


Remember what we told you in earlier articles: Rome was not built in a day, but it did burn in a day.


Building online prospect relationships with your target audience is a labour of love.


Do not make Content Marketing more important than Link Building or Link Building more important than Content Marketing.  Work in a methodical manner and keep up a steady work pace.


Build your SEO campaign and monitor results.


Use PPC advertising while you move up the Search Engine Rankings and always have some cash in your back pocket for PPC  just in case you get it wrong, find yourself on the wrong side of a Google update or lose Search Engine Rankings/revenue.

Back to linking

Remember: Hundreds and thousands poor quality or spammy links will hurt your rankings.

Remember: Start spamming links and your website or blog will fall rapidly down the search engine rankings pages.


Ten high quality back-links on quality websites or blogs that are relevant to your own service, product or idea, and published naturally by webmasters within their pages are better than 1000s of poor quality, spammy links with keyword anchor text posted to comments sections of blogs, forums and social media.

Search engines easily sniff-out spammy links and weight them unfavourably.

In the last couple of days, we were told that factors such as social signals, authorship and other types of mark-up are still very important, but Google’s Matt Cutts seems to state those factors of secondary importance or merely supportive of a good quality link building campaign.


Google’s Matt Cutts states:


“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover [how relevant or important somebody is], and maybe over time social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”


New SEO’s take note!


  • NO! To buying or selling links

  • NO! To excessive link exchange

  • NO! To lots of syndicating articles with spammy links

  • NO! To low-quality directories or bookmarking site links

  • NO! To forum comments with optimized links in threads or signature

  • NO! To widely distributed links on spammy sites developed to pass PageRank

  • NO!  To using automated programs or services to create links to your site

  • NO!  To links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites


  • NO! To spammy optimized links on poorer quality article/press release websites

New SEOs must ensure that links appear in the most natural way on other websites and in social media. Your service, product or idea should be both relevant and promoted as value added.  Avoid using ”dummy anything” or buying likes, shares, and whatnot.


Anything that strikes as rapid and excessive may damage a search marketing campaign and hurt search engine rankings. Take your time, think quality and not quantity when link building.


If in doubt talk to an SEO expert: help[at]searchneginemarketingpeople.com

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