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On Page Search Engine Optimization or on page SEO

NOTE: This article was written November 2009.  Link building is still relevant, but requires care and attention. Please review later articles on link building. 


Very simply, on-page search engine optimization means to optimize the content on your web pages so that search engines can analyze and rank them favorably.


The words and graphics that appear on each web page, we describe as content. Content means the information that sells your company, product, service or ideas to search engine users. 

However, search engine users are anyone and everyone who uses search engines. So let’s talk about the people who will find your company, product, service or ideas relevant, as targeted visitors or audience.


Carefully crafted words and graphics on website pages are very important and must contain naturally written work using on-page SEO factors.


Search Engine Marketing People ensures that your web pages have the best chance of ranking by:

Keyword Analysis & Research

Choosing of right keywords is crucial to improve the quality of search engine traffic and search results. Keyword analysis and careful keyword and key phrase selection ensures significant increases in the number of targeted visitors to your website.

This is especially true for our multi-language websites because there are often several different phrases to describe the same thing. We both translate and research linguistics to uncover most effective keyword and key phrases in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Create Optimized Title & Meta Tags

Search engines place emphasis on Title and Meta Tags when they present search engine result pages (SERP) to their users. We will properly optimize Titles and Meta Tags with quality headlines that both attract visitors and improve search engine placements at Google, Yahoo, MSN and BING

Optimize Website Content

We will help you optimize website content and HTML coding to present properly optimized but naturally written content to search engines that significantly improves your chance of better search engine rankings that grabs the attention of targeted website visitors.


Search engines rank websites based on an algorithm, we use sophisticated in-house software and our keen knowledge to ensure your pages compete against your competitors.


But remember, your search engine ranking relies partly on how you present website content to search engines. It is a fundamental process in search engine optimization (search engine positioning), but we still have a long way to go!

Search Engine Submission

We will submit websites using our own tested methods to major search engines – and yes – there are different search engine submission methodologies.


BUT – there is always a but, don’t you just hate that? The ‘battle’ to achieve higher search engine rankings has only just begun. The ‘war’ lasts as long as you want your website pages to rank well.  Becuase Google is a gamechanger and by not adpting, your website will fall down the rankings as quickly as it may rise.


To help you understand search engine marketing, we take ourselves back to an earlier analogy:


In your mind’s eye, see your website as a beautiful ocean island, ready for tourism and commerce, but without any communication systems, no ships in the harbour and no air traffic, because nobody told holidaymakers that your island even existed.


Lets us use the key phrase ‘luxury private vacation island’ as a search phrase at Google.com, mainly because private islands are few, appeal to the super-rich and, therefore, the search term is niche.  Without promotion, your island would be ‘lost in an ocean’ of 11, 300, 000 search results!

Off-Page Search Engine Marketing SEM

Off-page search engine marketing or search engine optimization (off-page SEO) is very simply the use of code or URL links that promote your web pages as hypertext or hyperlinks on other websites to direct both search engines and browsers to your target web pages.


These types of link are most powerful as permanent one-way backlinks (back-link) with carefully chosen keywords and key phrases that tell both browsers and search engines about the target web page.


The keywords and key phrases seen by browsers and followed by search engines we call anchor text. Hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks to your website will improve search engine rankings for your target keywords and key phrases.


Are all links created equal – NO – want to know more?


We will help you implement a theme-based link building strategy to improve your link popularity and link reputation. Eventually, search engine marketing significantly improves search engine placements.


Is that enough?  We do not think so. You must also seek out ways to promote your online business with quality links and information that drive free targeted traffic to your website.

Other examples of off-page SEM work include:


  • Article distribution
  • Social networking
  • Forum posting
  • Press releases
  • Blogging


We like well-rounded search engine marketing campaigns that use all of the above to build free quality traffic and improve your search engine rankings.


Our link building and SEM is about connecting your website to your target audience by building quality backlinks, articles, social network pages, blogs and posting to forums using your expert knowledge. We like 360-degree search engine marketing.


Search Engine Marketing People ensures that your website is not an island and we strive to make you special.

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

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