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Chapter 10 - Refining Your Strategies

This article was written in 2010, it is dated, but it show the forward thinking nature of our SEO thinking,  SEO Today Guide 


The final stage of your search engine optimization strategy is taking the time to reflect on you results and to formulate a new plan of action, REFINING YOUR SEO & SEM STRATEGIES for the next phase of optimization.


For the most part, we have some idea what creates good rankings, increased traffic and link building before we begin.  It is good to run campaigns on a 2 to 3-month cycle with 2 months being the preference for newer websites.  As the site matures you might find it prudent to either increase or decrease that time frame depending on circumstances.


This time for reflection is a simple four stage process that we will not briefly discuss.

Phase 1: Assessing your Keyword Strategy

Unless you have created a pay-per-click campaign, you should wait a couple of months before assessing your keyword strategy.   Of course, your primary goal is t increase traffic and after a couple of months you should observe a noticeable change in your traffic and rankings.  After a few more cycles, certain patterns should begin to emerge.


For instance, you might note that some search terms result in more sales and you will obviously want to put more of an effort behind developing those keywords and phrases on your website.


At the same time, you will also note other terms will become less of a priority over the passage of time.


Your goal at this time is simply to determine what changes to make to your keyword strategy.  You will look to see if you are targeting the proper search terms and if site visitors are going to the pages you want to prioritize.

Phase 2: Refining your Site Content Strategy

At this stage, you will want to use your analytics to identify areas where you might need to develop new content or to expand upon existing content.  You will determine which pages are not performing well in terms of visitor behavior and where you might need to use the new keyword strategies you discovered in phase 1 of this chapter.

Phase 3: Refining Site Structure

If you have determined from phases 1 and 2 above that you need to rethink your keyword strategy and create more content for the sites, you may need to create some minor structural changes to accommodate those changes.


However, it is more likely that when considering refining site structure you will be looking more at methods of sending more PageRank to specific pages which will involve increasing the amount of anchor text we send to those pages in order to improve rankings on those pages for specific search terms.

Phase 4: Refining Link Building and Promotion Strategy

If you need to boost a page’s ranking you really only have two choices:  refining the site structure and pumping more links to a page or getting more links from offsite.  This is where phase 4 comes in:  refining link building and promotion of the site.


If your internal linking and anchor text is not helping enough, you will need to bring in some help from outside the website.  Over time, you will see that your link building efforts will also increase you ability to do things internally.


At the end of each planning cycle you will want to look at your link building strategies, take stock of your links and determine the effectiveness of your program.  Activities that have proven to be successful should be pursued or even expanded.  Those that are showing weakness will either need to be modified or dropped from your program.


In the long run, you will want your link building campaign to pay for itself, but that does take time so you will need to be patient.  One thing you can do along the way is to try to create promotions that can be profitable while at the same time promoting the building of more links.  Also if you are paying for any advertising from vertical directories it is a good idea to look at those costs in relation to any leads and sales that are created through those links.


Again, being patient is the key to any successful link building and promotion strategy.



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