12 Oct

Search Marketing Success – Deliver Ali Knock-out Content

Float Like a Hummingbird & Sting Like a Bear?

Search Marketing Success - Deliver Ali Knock-out-Content

Our recent articles on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing pull no punches.


Search Engine Marketing People (SEMP) make sure our clients punch well above their weight.


Our tried and tested views on Search Marketing Strategy work.


Our business is about training and representing winners.

Content Marketing must reach target audience to deliver Ali-knock-out-content

The kind of Search Marketing that builds authority and reputation  to cultivate flourishing Social Media Networks and build natural Social Signals that boosts your Search Engine Rankings requires hard graft and patience – there is no corner you can cut if you want to be an Content Marketing champion.


Search Engine Marketing People do not cheat or fudge. We do not buy Likes and followers, and strongly advise clients avoid the Link and Social Signal Peddlers.


Better, you win 100 likes, followers and circles on merit that will like, follow, link and share your content with their social media networks than buy clicks from 1000 deadbeat-profiles that make no contribution whatsoever to Search Marketing success.


Moreover, buying fans, buying links and using less than honest Search Marketing and Content Marketing techniques will damage your online reputation and will adversely affect your Search Engine Rankings.


We summarise our recent advice about SEO, SEM and Content Marketing and link some recent articles:


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Build Your Authority & Your Website’s Authority


  • Research your customers and competition before embarking on Content, Search,  and Social Media Marketing Campaigns to learn what works



  • Ensure that your business has both expert staff and resource to both build and sustain your Search Marketing Strategy


  • Develop effective internal systems to ensure your business engages your Social Media Networks in a timely and professional manner, and you measure results


  • Ensure that your content is not spammy, is written for your customers using their language to Search and Socialise


  • Write for your customers and target audience like Search Engines do not exist


  • Do not hard sell, strive for the ‘’highest possible ground’’ by creating valuable and authoritative content that your audience values to achieve your business aims


  • Develop well-optimized Social Media Channels to distribute knock-out content


  • Cultivate your Social Media Networks to achieve natural links, shares and social signals that Search Engines weigh favourably, grows audience and improve Search Engine Rankings


  • Do not stop looking for high-quality advertorial and backlinks from quality, relevant  websites that view your service, product or ideas as value added

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

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