05 Oct

SEO: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

All Hail Google! Creator of Word-Chaos Brings Word-Order.

SEO: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

How to beat search engine algorithm updates & grow an audience.

Search Engines created an online world where overly technical weighting factors (number of times a word or phrase was used and word/phrase positioning on web pages) created badly written, sometimes nonsensical keyword stuffed content. Good SEO was ugly.

SEO yesteryear, the quality of content on many web pages was BAD

SEO was the ”art” of subterfuge and word trickery. SEO’s crammed keywords and key phrases on web pages with glaring repetition, hidden tags and words invisible to the naked eye. ‘’Spammy’’ boring and repetitious content dominated the Internet and SEO copywriters fought against their consciences to placate clients, which made website content bad and ugly.


No decent writer would put their name to an ”alchemy of words” that magically reached first-place in the Search Engine Result Pages.

SEO, so where is the GOOD?

Thank you, Google!  Google’s past and more recent critter-themed algorithm updates are almost the writer’s best friend. Penguin and Panda updates, and now a recent Hummingbird favour SEO Copywriters that believe Content is King.


Everything published about SEO: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, you can throw in the trashcan. SEO Copywriters that produce spammy repetitive and badly written content for the World Wide Web, Google will penalize – hurrah!


Online articles that have the same keyword and key phrases on every other line of a paragraph will not rank well.

Good advice for SEO Copywriting

Some good advice for SEO Writers:  Forget Google.  Forget SEO (to a point). Forget writing for Search Engines and start writing for your target audience. Write to communicate with an audience you have studied carefully.  Create original and authoritative content to engage and captivate your target audience.


Google is not the only show in town. Remember, there ARE other search engines like BING and Yahoo and social media marketing. In addition, find lateral businesses that will view your service, products or ideas as added value and write to make their audience your own; look for link-building targets using the highest equality advertorial for relevant backlinks – SEO IS NOT DEAD YET.


Write for your customers; woo them, court them and do anything (a little attention seeking and psychosis is no bad thing) to retain them.  Online communication is a labour of love. Build your online networks by sending out your expert opinion and love. Nurture your networks and cultivate their trust for a long and fruitful relationship, we call this “Prospect Mining” and “Prospect Engagement”.


If/when Google or other search engines make decisions that put profit before search quality, your online business will survive the next critter.


Our advice is to think about audience and forget about SEO: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly! It just so happens the title of our next article is “Think Audience Over SEO”.

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