05 Jan

Spotlight your Business with 360-Degree Search Marketing

Time to flick the switch to spotlight your business with 360-degree search marketing strategies...

Some Search Marketing articles on the Internet confuse us, marketers not specializing in online marketing must find the multitude of conflicting opinion bamboozeling.  You have probably read about Google’s latest updates to its ever-changing algorithm that seeks to deliver the best search experience for users with meaningful and pertinent search results.


You may have heard about Penguins and Pandas (the names given to algorithm updates by Google) over the last couple of years.  SEO strategies that worked yesterday, may not work today.  Panda and its 21 updates since 2012 forced Search Engine Optimization specialists to re-think search marketing strategies.


Generally, that has not been the case at Search Engine Marketing People.


For many years we have advised clients that high quality content both on and off site is essential.  A powerful and authoritative online presence must drive effective search marketing to build audience and targeted website traffic.


Check our our 2009 and 2010 SEO yesteryear guides that demonstrate our thinking.


Never forget that your website and not third party platforms should be your main traffic focus.  Social media may be helping you recover from penguin and panda attacks, but remember, like search engines you cannot control the evolution of social media.  Focus, focus on your own websites and blogs.


Our recent advice to clients is to modify their thinking about search marketing, but ‘’not to throw the baby out with the bath water’’, because some SEO and SEM techniques employed yesteryear to increase market reach and improve search engine rankings still have their place in today’s search marketing mix.


At Search Engine Marketing People (SEMP) we tend to avoid ‘’knee-jerk’’ responses to changes in Google’s algorithm because Google recommends a  360o approach to search engine optimization and search marketing.

A 360 degrees approach to search marketing has always been our remit at SEMP.

SEMP inspire our clients to direct resource and spend to ‘’spotlight’’ their internet business or online proposition using the highest quality content, social media and targeted content distribution.


Very simply, to succeed today, search engine optimisation and search marketing strategies must engage your target audience with high quality, fresh and relevant content that solves their problems and they value as authoritative information they want to praise and share.


Our 360o approach to search engine optimization and search marketing focuses on four core disciplines that deliver best value and quantifiable results for our many clients.


  • Quality websites and applications, best user experience and well optimized


  • Authoritative content marketing that engages audience/customers


  • Innovative, proactive and planned social media marketing


  • Local search marketing with a strong emphasis on mobile technology

It is important to note that mobile technology (lower cost tech) will lead people to connect and the online revolution in Central and South America.

Search engine optimization and search marketing are hard graft.  There are no shortcuts or quick fixes.  Search Engine Marketing People has an experienced team to deliver the highest quality search marketing service at a fair price from our base in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Spotlight your Business 360-Degree Search Marketing – our team of multilingual (English, Portuguese & Spanish) search marketing consultants inform innovative and effective multilingual search engine marketing strategies for your business or online proposition.


Being based in the Americas with native English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking technical staff has provided an excellent opportunity to specialize. Search Engine Marketing People use our contacts, unique regional knowledge, local marketing and cultural experiences to put our clients on the inside track.


Ask us about our Search-Marketing-Outsource-Latam→

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