04 Oct

Spotlight Your Content Marketing

Just fleeting seconds to Spotlight Your Content Marketing!

The only time when nobody will chastise you for being an ATTENTION SEEKING PSYCHO WHORE!

  • Grab attention with a good headline


  • Be knowledgeable and confident with notable style


  • Do your damnedest to make your content interesting and useful


  • Provide information that’s easy to read – write for kids

Learn how to get the clicks that matter

How many times a day do you go through Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)?  What gets your clicks?  For the next week or so, record your queries and first clicks – think about what you clicked and why those search results grabbed your attention.

Learn how to hold your audience

How many times did you click to a web page and click off after reading the first few lines or paragraph?  Before we get into the practical details of Content Marketing, consider that any online marketer responsible for getting your click and then holding your attention is a WINNER.

Do you want to be a Content Marketing winner?

Latterly Google’s hummingbird update supposedly reaffirms (early doors yet) what we have been telling our clients for years – to rank well on the Search Engines focus on original, high quality and authoritative content.


Produce boring content  and your business will suffer or your inspirational ideas will die on that page.


In earlier articles, we have written about taking the highest possible ground with authoritative and cogent content that people want to read, “like” and share.  Forget directly selling product, services or ideas, sell solutions and entertainment that makes your audience grow and lean-in.

High-quality content will win relevant back-links

Link building, NOT link spamming, is still very much part of our search marketing mix at Search Engine Marketing People. We develop content for lateral and vertical markets where we know our clients can add value.  Think outside the box, look for like-minded marketers who want to build ethical reciprocal marketing campaigns.  Make their audience your audience.

First Step to Content Marketing Success

You are probably not first into your sector/market.  We always start our creative process with a careful look at the competition. We are fastidious about research. Look at what works.  Look at what’s shared. Do not copy. That’s a big NO. Remember Google’s beady black Panda Eyes are watching and a fast and nippy Hummingbird is buzzing around that Panda’s head.

Understanding your customer is a key element to devising a successful content marketing campaign

Content Marketing is art form and technical expertise.  Finding that knack to cultivate, hold and inspire significant numbers of people who are interested in what you have to say takes time and practice.  Your audience should also become your best means of distributing information to like-minded individuals who may also convert to customers – ‘’birds of a feather flock together’’.

Think about how you will differentiate your content

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions like – how doI solve customers problems?  Why should potential customers choose me over my competition?  We always assume our clients deliver the best service or product.  To be honest, if not, we do not want them as clients.  It is an uphill struggle to help anyone sell rubbish.


If you have the best product or service, our job is to help differentiate by positioning quality content before a targeted audience that engages and converts.

Search Engine Marketing People can help you build good networks of targeted potential customers with engaging, quality content marketing.

Want to know more about Content Marketing?

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