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Staying ahead of online competition

Staying ahead of online competition

You have probably read the search-engine-optimization-guides. You ‘know’ about keywords and key phrases right?  But your keyword and key phrase strategy is not working.


You might have the right keyword and key phrase densities – but you have difficulty Staying ahead of online  competition  in the search engine rankings.

We can tell you why! Simply send us your website URL for a FREE SEO REPORT.

Maybe, you have lots of quality content and you think it better than web pages published by your competitors – but Google and other search engines seem to ignore you and favor the competition.


Possibly, you went for a quick fix and now you are free falling down the search engine rankings. Ouch! The good news is you have found SEMP and professional help is just a click away!

Search Engine Marketing People have a mission:

  • We build your online reputation by placing  quality authoritative content where it matters
  • We build permanent one-way backlinks to your website from websites that search engines value
  • We remove search engine optimizations veil of mystique by training your own personnel
  • We achieve meaningful results that clients can measure themselves


We achieve your goals with a mixed bag of white hat search engine marketing techniques that are truly ahead of the market because we know where search is going – social media and rich authoritative content is the future of Search Marketing.


More importantly, our overall work strategy strives to make you special.


Search Engine Marketing People.com/(SEMP) is not about gimmicks, we do not buy backlinks and we only employ smart, ethical, hard work to promote your online business.


We submit your back-links (backlinks) manually with quality information that people want to share and link, with care and attention to websites and social media that matter. Where possible, we avoid the ‘tired’ multitude of poor quality search directories that Google and other search engines will not ‘value’ in the future.


Moreover, search directory links can take months to appear.


Our no-nonsense approach to search engine marketing dismisses much misinformation posted to the internet about improving your PageRank, getting better search engine rankings, and increasing ‘consumer reach’ via Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.


SEMP employ three simple rules to build your online marketing strategy and World Wide Web presence:






SEMP happily shares our experience, telling clients free of charge how to achieve positive results – have you read our online search engine marketing guide?


Why do SEMP give free advice – the answer is simple – there are no tricks and no easy ways to build a first class online marketing campaign.


The ingredients are bright capable staff and thousands of people hours – if you have quality staff and the time –Do It Yourself!


For a minute, forget the look or ‘skins’ on your website. Whilst good presentation and on-page-optimization are very important, without promotion you will not improve your Google Pagerank, search engine rankings or achieve lots of free quality website traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.


An analogy: In your mind’s eye, picture your website as a beautiful tropical ocean island, ready for tourism and commerce, but without any communication systems, no ships in the harbor and no air traffic, because nobody told vacationers that your island even existed. Your island is lost.


Search the key phrase ‘luxury private vacation island’ at Google.com, we choose this search phrase because private islands are few and the search has niche appeal. Without skilled promotion, your island is lost in an ‘ocean’ of 11,300,000 search results.


Achieving a better World Wide Web presence, improving your Page Rank, achieving higher organic search engine rankings and extending consumer reach requires well-written, pertinent and natural information, coupled with both on-page and off-page search engine optimization.


Not sure what we mean – read our Free SEO Guide.


You must already realize that quality backlinks, especially links created by your target audience or lateral online businesses are positive and independent votes that tell search engine users and search engines about your websites content and popularity.

You may have heard the phrase “link reputation” not all links are created equal – yes, Google does analyze links.

We believe clever themed link building essential and probably the most important SEO and SEM skill. Every link contains a meaning that goes far beyond what we see on the two pages involved. The most important calculation is the reputation or authority of the site that contains the link. Want to know more about link reputation read our guide.


Do  not be an island lost in an ‘ocean of search engine results’. Achieving your goal of a better World Wide Web presence, improving your page rank, getting better search engine rankings with lots of free website traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing is about remembering two old adages:


Not all that glitters is gold & Rome was not built in a day!


Contact Search Engine Marketing People and get SEMP POWER today!


Read our SEMP POWER FREE Guide.

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

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