04 Aug

Successful Businesses Manage Their Online Reputations

Online Reputation Management

If you search your company’s name or indeed your own name on the internet, you might be surprised by the search engine results and content. Some online content might be your own website, blog or posts and blogs about your company or you written by third parties.  More worryingly, sometimes inaccurate and even malicious information is published that may damage your online reputation.

The Internet is a Fair & Foul Medium

Using the World Wide Web to communicate effectively requires quality content.  More today than ever, we are hungry for knowledge and seek expert information/opinion we can trust. Search Engine Marketing People formulate engaging web-based-strategies to authoritatively engage your target audience.

Take Control of your Online Reputation Today

Search Engine Marketing People ensure that search engine page results reflect the true nature of our clients’ businesses or online propositions.

People Buy and Review both Products and Services Online

Unfortunately, negative content is written more often by consumers than endorsements – why? It is just human nature.  The internet is awash with innocent factual errors and sometimes malicious attacks on companies and individuals. Negative content is a potential threat to your reputation and/or livelihood. There is little recourse, since responding to attacks simply attracts more attention.


Search Engine Marketing People strive to ensure that your name and indeed your online reputation are ethically and positively represented at the top of the search engine results pages in a manner befitting your company or status.


Our reputation management services are available in various languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese.


In addition, we can provide localised marketing with a virtual office and customer services.


Contact us: help[at]searchenginemarketingpeople.com


REMEMBER: Successful Businesses Manage Their Online Reputations!

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

Multilingual Search Marketing, Localised Web Presence & Customer Services

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