07 Oct

Think Audience Over SEO

Why Should SEO Copywriters Think Audience Over SEO?

Those were the days my friends – do you remember when Search Engine Optimization success was a simple matter of keyword frequency, placement and density on-page and innumerable irrelevant links off-page?


Do you remember reading keyword-stuffed rubbishy and nonsensical content on websites that was less than mind-numbing waffle? Today, it is hard to believe those SEO factors were all you needed for top search engine rankings.

A round of applause for the search engines!

There is no doubt that conservative web page optimization is necessary for Google’s algorithm to analyze and index web pages to retrieve meaningful and pertinent search result. However, today we tell our clients that many other factors determine ranking other than words on a page. Natural links and other signals measured by Google and other search engines are of critical importance for good search engine rankings.

Write for your audience

Much of what determines ranking has a great deal to do with what is on-page.  Now you think I am about to contradict myself. Nope. It is a fact, but it has little to do with keyword and key phrase stuffing. The future of SEO is about achieving high quality and natural links to your web page; recommendations, sharing and other signals such as ”Likes” and ”Follows”.  These are factors that Google weighs favorably when ranking a web page.


Poorly researched and written information will not achieve these necessary signals: Think Audience Over SEO.


Successful Search Marketing requires high quality and relevant content that a target audience is going to value. Building social networks and website subscribers who naturally link, like, follow and share content is now the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization.

Building Prospect Networks to find customers should be your goal

Optimizing web pages conservatively and with care to tell Google and other search engines what a page is about is still important. However, not as important as writing engaging content that your target audience will value.


The future of Online Marketing is about breadth and finding potential customers through Social Media and Content Marketing. If you want to avoid finding yourself caught on the wrong side of search engine updates then hard work is your only recourse – read more about our views on 360-degree search marketing.

Write as if Search Engines did not exist

We always start by writing an article as if Search Engines did not exist.  Search marketers should write for their audience paying some attention to what Google and other search engines need to glean a web page’s theme.


  • Your content marketing must say ‘’AUTHORITY’’


  • Yours content marketing must build “TRUST”


If your content is poor and has no authority it will not attract interest. No interest means no natural links and signals essential to ranking.


No trust means nobody will ‘buy’ your ideas, services or products.

Think audience over SEO

Write for your customers. Solve their problems. Share your human experiences and expertise with authority.  Concentrate your efforts on cultivating networks of like-minded folk who want to hear and like what you have to say

Call to Action

Inspire your ‘’Followers’’ to ‘’Like’’ and ‘’Share’’ your content – ‘’that’s not subtle hint!’’.


Inspire your ‘’Followers’’ to ‘’Like’’ and ‘’Share’’ your content – ‘’that’s not a subtle hint folks!’’.


Our next article talks about ”AUTHORITY”.

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