Five critical lessons for Content Marketing success…

(1) Know Your Audience

Before you start Content Marketing you need to answer some important questions. Who do you seek to influence? Who buys your service or product?  Why do they buy your service or product? How do you solve your audience’s problems? More often than not, such questions elicit answers too long, too short or too complex. Content that’s too broad or too narrow or that’s difficult to understand or missing business critical information is a recipe for disaster.   We help clients construct target personas.  We canvass established clients and analyse user data to carefully weight factors such as age, gender, language, interests, income bracket, general preferences and social values.  When you REALLY know your audience, defining style and objectives is easy

(2) Define Clear Objectives

Too many SEOs design Content Marketing Strategies based on ‘gut feeling’ rather than research. Misunderstanding your audience and failing to communicate clear objectives often dooms campaigns to failure. Even when marketing directors benefit from expert sector knowledge combined with years of marketing success, their online marketing often fails to achieve desired results. Our operandus modi is based on years of success. We disregard the vague, immeasurable and impractical. We help clients define objectives informed by detailed audience profiling. Profiling your audience and writing for them with clerly defined objectives is the Holy Grail of Content Marketing.

(3) Lean-in Content Marketing

Learning to write lean in content is an art form that sets Content Marketers apart. Internet marketers need to be great storytellers. Your audience must relate to your ideas and/or brand by building ’emotional’ attachment. You must go beyond the tired industry cliches to really connect with folk.  Knowing your audience, carefully building personas and profiling help focus creative objective led Content Marketing.  Practice makes perfect, but here are some practical ideas to  get more clicks and make your audience lean in.


Start your article with a great headline.   Then trap the dreaded scanner’s attention with fantastic sub-headings that support your conclusion. Remember, strategic formatting – bullets and numbers – seduce readers’ minds with a logical structure they cannot help but follow.



Begin your article with your main point – hit your readers with a pithy conclusion that is compelling. Do not hang around.



Keep it short.  Keep it snappy. Do NOT present complex topics that would cover many pages with dull grey text. Present information simply, in layman terms and get your informational-portions just right. Deliver each section in three or four sentences with plenty of white space.



A picture is worth a thousand words – choose a great image to emphasise your main point. Great images with captions help focus attention and draw readers into an article.  Too many images or the wrong images can have a the reverse effect. Good images are expensive – poor images counterproductive.



You  are the expert.  Keep your audience on your website.  If you do not have quality content for relevant internal links –  get some. Of course, there are times when external links may be necessary to provide reference or credibility, but remember you are the expert.

(4) Optimize to Convert

How do we reach our audience?  What proprietary and third party platforms should we use to address our audience?  Whether we advise using established or new website/blog, social media and mobile applications, all methods of delivering Content Marketing will benefit from clean search engine friendly code, tantalizing design and content optimized for success.   Whatever your objectives, to build brand awareness, grow audience, sell new ideas, products or services, we have the requisite skills to professionally resource our customers.

(5) Intelligent Content Promotion

SEOs who are serious about Content Marketing must think outside the box.  Syndicating content to social media and bookmarking channels is not just tired, it is simply not enough.  Online interaction is a little more sophisticated than in the past.  Building relationships with smart interactive websites, blogs and applications, growing audience by lateral and vertical markets recommendation will help ensure SEO Success.  We have both the know-how and vision to make your Content Marketing stand out in a crowd.

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