19 Jun

Google Returns Social Profiles in Search Results – but…

Do you want your social profiles listed in Google Knowledge?


Google Knowledge panel recently listed some social profiles.


Search your brand name, Google frequently returns a box top right-hand of your screen next to the search engine results. You should see the name of your business, with an image and information about you taken from Google + and/or Google Local listings.


What is Google Knowledge panel?


If you do not see your own Google Knowledge panel, try again.  This time, input your brand with the name of your town or district in the query box.


If Google does not return a Knowledge panel box that describes your business, you have lots of work to do!


Above we have shown Google’s own Knowledge panel as an image from a Search Engine Results Page.  Note the red circles around social profiles.


Use markup on your official website to add your social profile information


Google may add your social profiles to its listings if you use markup on your official website to describe your social networks.


We recently updated all our client websites with markup to tell Google and other search engines about their social profiles.


More information on creating markup


Take a look at Google’s Developer Blog for more information:

Specify your social profiles to Google


Contact SEMP today to improve your Search Marketing ROI.

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20 Apr

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

On April 21, 2015, Google intends to make significant changes in the way its algorithm analyses code and may punish websites and blogs that are not mobile-friendly.


Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Testing Tool 


While Google states this update focusses on their mobile search results, it would be a prudent to ensure that your website and/or blog are fully responsive to all mobile technologies.


We strongly suggest that you test your online work to ensure that it is mobile-friendly and take immediate action if your test fails to deliver the results you expect.[/themestudio_title]

Google's Mobile Friendly Udate Testing Application

Google’s mobile friendly testing application  is found here: http://google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


We recently tested websites and blogs owned by all points of contact since 2013. We sent them advice if their online work required an update.


We discovered 29% of application tested did not pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Update test.  We were quite surprised that many of the websites and blogs that failed tests were templates sold as responsive.


All clients of Search Engine Marketing People updated their websites and/or blogs some time ago.

Design & Development


Expect smart design with expert technical support to ensure our clients’ work is seen, responsive to all devices & mobile friendly.

Clean & Valid Code


We are fanatical about clean & valid search engine friendly code to ensure our clients deliver their message as planned.

Updates & Support


Timely updates that mirror technology evolution ensures our clients’ work is always secure and relevant to search engine algorithms.


Get on the right side of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update


Contact us for more information.

Search Engine Marketing People can help!

Multilingual Search Marketing | Localised Web Presence | Customer Services

Grow audience in Central & South America, improve Search Marketing ROI. Contact SEMP today.

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29 Jan
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04 Jan

Not backlinks again? I thought SEO was Dead?!

‘’SEO is not dead and if you have been reading our Search Marketing Blog you would already know that!’’

Building quality back links to your website or blog from high quality, relevant websites will refer targeted traffic and help

‘’We do not like knee-jerk reactions to Google’s algorithm changes. Search Engine Marketing People always prescribe a 360 degrees search marketing mix.’’

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