No.1 Google search engine rankings do not always grow targeted audience and/or greater profitability!


Learn Five Key SEO Metrics for Winners. It is important to NEVER ignore these five key metrics, they work in tandem to achieve successful and profitable Search Engine Optimisation.

Keyword Rankings

Research is the budding SEO’s greatest ally. Your business or ideas need to rank well in the Search Engine Results Pages for keywords and key phrases that grow targeted audience and/or conversions. What use are great rankings that fail to deliver online success? A well thought out search engine optimization strategy is essential. Choosing the wrong keywords and key phrases can be a VERY expensive mistake.

Link Building

Link building is about quality over quantity. So many website owners are impatient but quickly punished by Google and other search engines. Websites are penalized and severely damaged by hundreds of low quality and spammy links bought for a few hundred dollars. Cheap SEO packages are sold to 100s of other websites just like your own. Remember Google’s algorithm expertly pinpoints spammy link sites and fake social media accounts and signals. Repairing damage takes months and is VERY costly.

Website Traffic

Websites often have great rankings and lots of organic traffic that does not reach the right audience and/or convert. Even when both audience and visitor numbers are similar to competitor websites, other brands/ideas seemingly achieve greater online success. There is always a reason. There is always a solution. Traffic numbers are irrelevant until we analyze where it came from/how it arrived and how it behaves. Conversions are found in the detail.


Conversion means your online work achieves a predetermined goal. Conversion is easily monitored to determine what digital marketing wins and the cost of each conversion. We help our clients find lateral and vertical markets when appropriate and optimize campaigns for the lowest conversion costs. If your SEO campaign delivers high rankings and referral traffic, but conversion or revenue is poor, what’s the point?


We speak to businesses flooded by inquiries – website form submission, emails, phone calls and location visits that fail to grow revenue. For commercial organisations, this has to be the ultimate SEO metric. How much do you spend on SEO, how much do you achieve in revenue/profits. Unless a business is properly resourced for SEO and enquiries managed to close, the key metrics and the exercises we describe above are pointless and costly.

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